Burning Man Installation
Mausoleum of Revelations
On the centenary of Revolution, we propose to construct a pavilion inspired by the iconic token of Soviet era Lenin Mausoleum, a symbol of power and a breakthrough realization of the utopian idea of human immortality. The pavilion is a reinterpretation of a tomb as an open and permeable space in between poles. Unlike the original tomb, Mausoleum of Revelations celebrates enlightened life. Each pole is a symbol of the man or a tree striving towards the sun and light.


Since the LOI was submitted, the artists have taken their idea of the Mausoleum of Resurrection much further into the contemporary and mystical space. We no longer believe we need the walls for our Mausoleum, as Burning Man is not the place to be confined within walls. The evolved Mausoleum is now an illusory structure, most closely resembling a manmade primal wood.

The overall structure is shaped to resemble the Lenin Mausoleum silhouette from afar, transforming into a living bamboo forest, gently swaying and "singing" in the wind. The sensation of height, transparency and pattern of light and shade adds mysticism and makes reference to pagan rituals celebrated in such inviting yet dangerous woods.

The project pavilion is comprised of 39x39ft square regular grid of bamboo poles. The overall height is 29ft. Its' shape is a reminiscence of a classical mausoleum. The object rises of a flat podium with the height of 1,5ft (three stops), which also can be utilized as seating. Staggering shape is achieved by placing four different height bamboo poles outer perimeter 16fthigh 232 units (poles); then 21ft high 168 units; 26ft high -104 units; 29ft high 41 units. The distance between poles in 2,5ft so a person can easily go through the planted poles.

While we do not envisage a separate sound system installed in the pavilion, each pole will have a hole in it, towards the top of the pole. This would create a natural "organ" effect, so the sound effects will be created by Playa itself.

The structure is entirely permeable. The pavilion changes its appearance with a shift of eyesight so the perceivable density of the volume changes. There are no horizontal planes to climb up. The movement is always through. The anticipated sensation is walking though woods. One can easily get lost in one's thoughts and in the trees of our Mausoleum.

At night each pole is illuminated with a strip of LED light from four sides. The light installation strips are linked to sensors, which read movement of people or music, subsequently creating shapes in the darkness. With light, the Mausoleum is transformed and lifted into the air, resembling all the thoughts and aspirations of the burners that have visited the forest.

The Mausoleum must be burned as light condemns the darkness.