Coral Hotel
Biomimicry - Coral

This is a new type of a biomimetic architecture that seeks solutions for sustainability in nature, not by replicating natural forms, but by understanding the rules governing those forms it follows a set of principles of combination of unit through a script translated into a form. It takes its beginning in the examination of a coral, its models, systems and processes of growth. The form is derived from the content of units in continuous movement resembling a sea creature coral or the moving of the sea. It has no beginning and no end. It can be a continuous endless line forming a variety of curvy shapes. Each unit acts as an individual organism just as a coral growing cell by cell forming large conglomerations.

The project implies construction of an upscale lifestyle community comprised of a professionally serviced apartment complex, located on the reclaimed part of the main island of Seychelles Sailwin. The project includes advanced infrastructure: spa-complex, several restaurants and a club-house with a pool and a private marina. Project site has a direct access to the beach.

Apartment complex shall be arranged as a single or several interlocked architectural spaces along the entire length of the parcel, which would enable optimal advantage for ocean views from apartment windows. Utilities, restaurant unloading area and car parking shall be separated from the main entrance zone and from the reception area (pool, beach).

The ground floor of the building shall house the following main functional zones: main lobby of the apartment complex, amenities and facilities (restaurant and lobby bar, a spa and a retail).

The project is focused on the residential premises from the 1st floor and up the building shall be used for apartments exclusively. Ceiling height not less than 3m. The windows of half of apartments shall have ocean view.

Apartment mix consists of the same type of one and two bedroom apartments, with an average area 40 sq.m., and shall include spacious living room combined with kitchen, full bedroom with fitted wardrobe, bathroom and spacious balcony/ terrace.