The buildings of the former Factory named after Marat were taken as a basis for the Project they will be carefully renovated and will retain its historical appearance. In contrast to the buildings, the facades facing the courtyard have an emphatically modern design: poly-lines, picture windows, large modules of white architectural concrete, natural stone and anodised copper which give the whole complex a guaranteed modern character. In addition, the ensemble Ordynka club houses complex will include two town mansions of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Designed for 74 flats and 16 apartments, Ordynka Project consists of 7 club houses. There is a separate section allocated for apartments and the first floors of the buildings facing the courtyard, where personal patios will be arranged. The range of offers also includes penthouses with views of the capital centre and, subsequently, own residences in the buildings of the restored manor complex of the XVIII century.

Inner Garden. The territory of the complex will have a garden set out by landscape designer Anna Andreeva, who is well known for landscaping projects in Museon Park and the Crimean Embankment in her characteristic "new perennials" style, which emphasises perennial plants that look good all year round. The inner area of 3,000 square meters will turn into a quiet oasis of modern landscape art: with birches, apple trees, cereals, water reservoirs and sculptures. As a true modern public space, the yard will be provided with wi-fi and devices with USB connectors to enable working in the fresh air.

The project is designed in rather pragmatical way by dividing it into separate objects. Thus, complexity of such a large structure in the historical centre has been levelled off due to the perception of objects individually. In doing so, there was used a universal module in the plan and on the facades of all buildings. The Project Scope is divided into several main buildings. The first one is historical, facing Malaya Ordynka as if hiding the modern courtyard. Two oblong volumes with 3D facades interconnected by two hanging volumes/bridges form a comfortable courtyard.

The facades are designed in contrasting shades of light stone and dark metal. Light facades are made of their fiber concrete panels, which makes it possible to manipulate planes using unified dimensions and details. Wavy geometry is designed by a simple movement of the planes inward and outward of the plane, creating regular series of "waves".

Each of the seven houses will have its own architectural solution and a special mood, most strikingly expressed in the design of the lobby. Seven Designer's Lobbies. Seven bright lobbies of Ordynka Project represent seven different universal human values. Despite the general concept, each entrance lobby has its own interior features, own microclimate and atmosphere, which are created thanks to unique fragrances, materials, and light and color accents. Each public zone has its own main idea. For example, in one of the halls love is played up using an art element in the form of a cloud of butterflies. The old Florentine perfume house has developed own fragrance for each of the seven lobbies. The author of the design concept is Zane Tetere from Open Ad bureau.